petra hudcova



I am nterested in a paradox associated with our perception and experience of the outside world.
It concerns our desire to experience, grasp and define strong hightened moments,
despite the fact that such experience breaks the moulded codes
that are connecting us to what we had lived before.
Most of my art work is an attempt to capture this ambivalent experience
and feelings associated with it.
one part of my creative process consists of collages which include photographs and drawings.
the other includes projections where i work with video and light.
These diverse practices reflect the varied spatial perception and when combined together
provide a picture that breaks preconceived perception of reality.
Another aim of this work is to take in and simultaneously record the actual creative process,
this practice makes it possible to inspect new context and consequently
enrich the result by another dimension.
the final output may be an installation which is a sequel to the original
two-dimensional work with photographs and paper.
Based on examination of the experience of time in a given space
my work is also an attempt to document the above mentioned elusive moments and situations.
hence i have to think about the limits of human perception in time.
Attempts to induce the desired effect can lead to surveying a particular moment repeatedly,
regardless of the original linear storyline and to view the whole situation
from different narrative perspectives.